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my sister-in-law who lives in another state called me up and said, "Hey. You haven't updated your knitting blog since last October. Post something!" So this post's for you, Jean!

firstly, i'm not working at the Yarn Store anymore. *sniff* i graduated from college and had to join the full time work force.

this is a scarf i'm crocheting out of berroco touche'. i think i'll make it a little wider.

this is the first of a pair of socks knit toe up with an after thought heel. my heel isn't going as planned so i'm going to have to take it out and fiddle with it. the yarn is debbie bliss baby cashmerino. squishy!!

this is a basic diagonally knit baby blanket made out of some lion brand homespun. i'm knitting it for my SO's friend's soon-to-be-born baby.

here are some squares that i'm working on for a blanket for myself. i'm knitting it out of plymouth jeanee'. it's a soft cotton/acrylic blend that i'm enjoying working with. the squares i have done are (from left to right): garter stitch, garter stripes, stockinette, moss stitch, eyelets, and basket weave.

up next is more crochet goodness. i'm working on some granny squares that i want to put together to make a scarf. this is just out of some lion brand wool-ease.

i didn't realize until now that i was working on so many scarves... so here's another! this is an artyarns pattern that's a lot of fun. the yarn is boomerang by fiesta. it's a super wash merino that SOOOOOOO sproingy soft. i love it!

and lastly, i started my very own hermione cable and bobble hat. just like from POA! it doesn't look like much yet, but that's because i've just finished the ribbing for the bottom of the hat and have only done one row of the cable chart... this is out of berroco pure merino, another superwash merino that's nice and sproingy soft.

so that's my update. hopefully i won't be so bad as to not update again until next year...



OMG Sproingy! Is a good word.

SIL is very happy! So many lovelies. Why am I talking like this???

Thank you dear!


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